Plant Success Orca Biological Inoculant for Growing (32 oz)

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This liquid biological inoculant is highly concentrated and provides beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria strains. It improves water and nutrient uptakes and promotes better fruiting and flowering.

Plant Success Orca Biological Inoculant for Growing (32 oz)




  • Highly concentrated liquid mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria additive
  • Brings together 4 highly effective endo mycorrhizal species with 11 beneficial bacteria strains
  • All-in-one inoculant contains everything needed for beneficial microbes
  • Fungi colonizes plant roots to form a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Plants absorb water and nutrients far easier
  • Root surface area is effectively increased by the beneficial fungal growth
  • Reduces drought stress and water and fertilizer needs
  • Increases fruiting and flowering, water and nutrient storage and uptake as well as root growth
  • Promotes extensive root systems, soil structure and plant establishment

This liquid inoculant features beneficial mycorrhizae as well as beneficial bacteria. It is designed to improve the nutrient uptake capabilities of plants of all kinds. The beneficial mycorrhizae colonize the plant roots creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the plant. The surface area of the root is effectively increased and as a result the plant requires less water and nutrients and has improved growth potential.


This highly concentrated, and easy to use, liquid biological inoculant increases the fruiting and flowering potential of plants and also helps to promote extensive root systems, better soil structure, and improved plant establishment. It can be used with hydroponics, soil based growing and soilless growing media.


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