Plant Success Soluble Root Bio-Stimulant (5 lbs)

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This soluble mycorrhizal root stimulant includes multiple forms of beneficial microbes. They colonize plant roots and improve nutrient and water uptake in plants. Increases flowering and fruiting and promotes extensive root growth.

Plant Success Soluble Root Bio-Stimulant (5 lbs)




  • Soil drench formula for porous soil
  • Contains 13 carefully selected mycorrhizal fungi, 2 tricoderma species, and 17 bacterial species
  • Well suited to a variety of soils, climates, and plants
  • Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi colonizes plant roots and improves nutrient and water uptake
  • Increases the surface area of roots and effectively creates a link between plant and soil
  • Plants enjoy improved nutrient and water uptake and superior field performance
  • Reduces drought stress and water and fertilizer needs
  • Increases plant flowering and fruiting
  • Promotes an extensive root system as well as improved soil structure

Plant Success Soluble is a soil drenching formula that includes multiple beneficial microbes. These microorganisms improve the plants ability to take-in water and nutrients as they colonize the root surfaces. The surface area of the root is effectively increased, allowing plants to absorb water and nutrients in a more efficient way.


The plants utilize existing nutrients more efficiently and they become more resistant to drought as they have improved moisture storing abilities. Also included is a specially-formulated natural root bio-stimulant. The plants become better “linked” to the soil they are planted in and enjoy superior growth and performance. Plant Success Soluble can be stored in a dry, cool area for 24 months without loss of viability.


Application Rates:


  • Existing landscape trees and shrubs: Mix 6 ounces in 100 gallons of water or 12 ounces in 200 gallons of water. Use spray pattern for deep root feeding. Inject ½ gallon per hole 2 times a year or more frequently for stressed plants. Can be used any time root systems are active. May be mixed with mechanical equipment that allows passage of No. 50 screens (300 microns) or larger particles.
  • B&B plantings: Mix 6 ounces in 100 gallons of water or 12 ounces in 200 gallons of water. Spray or pour on the root balls until saturated just before backfilling.
  • Nurseries: Mix 1 pound with 200 gallons of water. Use as soil drench in porous media. Each pound treats 2000 square ft. of nursery area for small plants or 4000 square ft. of nursery area for plants 1 gallon size or larger.

Directions for Use:


  • Water into existing plants, seed beds, propagation trays
  • Drench roots of transplants or cuttings
  • Inject into soil for mature plants

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