Planters Paper Black Mulch (4ft x 1500ft)

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Planters Paper is a great alternative to black plastic mulch. Lasts one growing season. It provides great weed protection and moisture retention.

Planters Paper Black Mulch (4’ x 1500’)




  • Crop response very similar to that of black plastic mulch
  • Excellent weed control (including nutsedge)
  • Great soil moisture retention and nutrient conservation
  • Can be used with drip irrigation
  • Strong enough for mechanical installation
  • Hugs the soil and is slightly flexible to conform to the contours of rows
  • Best secured with rocks, bricks, or pins
  • Additional re-burying of the sides may be required later in the season as the film starts to break down
  • This paper is not porous but does allow some water to seap through

Planters Paper provides excellent weed control and is similar in effect to black plastic mulch. It is strong enough to be applied with machinery and provides great moisture and nutrient retention in the soil. Designed to last for one season.


Unit Ship Weight: 130 lbs

Installation Tips:

  • Prepare soil well - It should be smooth and friable
  • Do not lay paper on dry soil - Beds should be firm
  • To prevent tearing, adjust wheels on plastic laying machine so that they do not stretch the paper
  • Reduce speed of tractor when laying paper
  • Paper should be in close contact with the soil for maximum heat transfer into the soil
  • Paper is more fragile than plastic; therefore when making holes through the paper with a bulb setter, a quick, sharp jab reduces tearing
  • Also, when the paper is in contact with a firm, flat soil surface, there is less risk of tearing at planting
  • Do not walk on the paper

Crops that are suited for Planters Paper:

  • Vegetables - Warm season and cool season transplant crops and direct seeded crops that are seeded in hills (e.g. cucumbers and squash)
  • Cut flowers
  • Use on a trial basis with any crop where black plastic mulch is used
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