Plastic Plant Markers 3in x 12in (Pack of 25)

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The white plastic plant markers feature long stems and are ideal for sticking into potted plants and other soil. Long lasting and reusable markers are ideal for greenhouse shops and displays.

Plastic Plant Markers 3" x 12" (Pack of 25)




  • Reinforced 'rib' on stake for improved strength
  • Great for use with water-based or detergent-based markers
  • Long lasting and reusable markers
  • Made of durable white plastic to provide the best background for writing
  • Made with all virgin materials
  • Comes in a pack of 25 plant markers

The Plastic Plant Markers are made with virgin white plastic and provide a bright background for practically any color writing. These markers are shaped like a 'T' and feature a reinforced stem that allows them to be easily insterted into soil.

The plant markers are weather-proof and designed to be reused many times. When used in conjunction with water-based or detergent-based markers they can be wiped clean and reused for changing plant varieties. Ideal for use with greenhouses, stores, gardens and displays.

Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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