Poly Convection Tubing 4 mil 30in Diameter 8/4 Hole Punching (100ft Roll)

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This Poly Convection Tubing is a lightweight, durable, and UV stabilized ventilation option that is ideal for greenhouses, warehouses, workshops and more.

Poly Convection Tubing 4 mil 30” Diameter 8/4 Hole Punching (100' Roll)




  • Clear polyethylene construction
  • Strong UV inhibitor makes it ideal for greenhouse use
  • Allows for maximum light penetration
  • Each tube is guaranteed to support the full cubic feet/minute output of the same diameter fan
  • 4 mil film is guaranteed for 1 year and the 6 mil film for 3 years
  • Different hole punching configurations allow air to be distributed to the users particular needs (Punching numbers equate to a clock face)
    • Normal – 8/4
    • For Heating – 7/5
    • For Max. Lateral Airflow – 3/9
  • Punched hole diameter: 2.7 inches
  • Spacing between holes (lengthwise): 12 inches
  • Roll length: 100 feet
  • 4 mil tubing is available in 12, 18, 20, 24, and 30 inch inflated diameters
  • 6 mil tubing is available in 12, 18, 24, and 30 inch diameters

This transparent, polyethylene convection tubing is designed to be a highly effective air distribution tool for use in greenhouses, barns, warehouses, workshops and more. It is UV stabilized and designed to hold up against direct sunlight as well as any damp conditions. This convection tubing is extremely lightweight and can be hung inside of practically any structure to allow for even air distribution for heating applications, ventilation purposes, directional airflow and more.


Each piece of convection tubing has holes punched along its length in different orientations that affect the airflow. The numbers associated with the hole punching options (8/4, 7/5, 9/3) indicate where the holes would line up to a clock face. So the 3/9 hole orientation directs air in opposite directions where a 7/5 hole orientation is a more directed approach.


A properly designed tube will make full use of the airflow provided by the fan or blower and helps to distribute the air evenly down the length of the greenhouse. Punch positions can be varied as shown in the above image to best suit the ventilation/heating needs of the user. 


The tubing comes in multiple diameters to conform to almost any air distribution requirement. It is also custom hole-punched to one of 3 different hole configurations. This makes this convection tubing ideal for practically any greenhouse or structure requiring ventilation or heating.


Installation Tips:


We recommend that tubing be hung from a cable using tube hangers. These hangers do not penetrate the plastic. They consist of a loop of white plastic and a snap ring. The tube loop extends around the outside of the tube and is clipped to the cable using a snap ring. The hangers should be spaced 7 feet apart. The convection tubing can also be hung with any soft rope or material that won’t rub or puncture the tubing.


Suggested Uses for Convection Tubing:


  • For ventilation when cooling greenhouses
  • For uniform dispersion of heat from a forced hot-air furnace
  • For improved mixing of air in greenhouses
  • For the introduction of dry air into greenhouses
  • To provide gentle streams of ventilation air instead of harsh blasts of air
  • To heat selected areas of a greenhouse when the whole house does not need heat

Unit Ship Weight: 21 lbs

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