Power Grower Eco Complete Drip Growing System

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This growing system uses a drip ring, grow rocks, and an upper and lower hexagonal unit. These come together for a complete hydroponic drip growing system.

Power Grower Eco Complete Drip Growing System


  • Unique hexagonal design enables multiple units to be packed together in a growing area
  • Grows small, medium and large plants
  • Self-contained system automatically circulates nutrient solutions up and over plants and growing medium
  • Excess solution is drained back into the lower reservoir
  • Gentle and effective way to automatically water and feed plants
  • Included with this system:
    • 5.7 gallon reservoir
    • 3 gallon growing chamber
    • Pumping column
    • Column support tube
    • Drip ring
    • ½” grommet
    • Drain level tube
    • Air pump
    • 9L of hydroton rocks
    • 3 part flora series nutrients
  • Great for growing larger plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers

This growing system is designed to simplify irrigation and feeding for plants in a gentle and automated way. Simply plant directly into the growing rocks and the drip ring slowly drips the nutrient solutions in a circle around the plant. This action ensures complete root coverage and irrigation as well as eliminating the need for physical watering by the user.

The lower reservoir is a separate unit from the upper growing tray and is easy to refill. An external air pump forces water up the column and into the drip ring where it drips down around the grow rock medium and back down to the reservoir. These grow rocks hold moisture and nutrients for plants to take advantage of at their leisure.

Unit Ship Weight: 18 lbs

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