Pressure Regulator 85 psi Max with 3/8in Fittings

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This pressure regulator prevents damage to more sensitive appliances such as water filtration systems. It only allows pressures up to 85 psi.

Pressure Regulator 85 psi Max with 3/8” Fittings


  • Ensures that no more than 85 psi can enter a filtration unit or other sensitive water appliance
  • Utilizes quick connect fittings to make installation a breeze
  • Great for use in systems that encounter pressure spikes or hammering or that are subject to high starting pressures
  • 3/8” fittings
  • Made from materials that resist corrosion and breakdown
  • Prevents the cracking of housings in water filtration and purification systems that are built into water systems
  • Can save money, time and effort
  • Pressure regulators are a safe, easy and economical way to prevent expensive damage to sensitive appliances

This pressure regulator is designed for use with water filtration systems and prevents pressures higher than 85 psi from entering more sensitive appliances. This regulator is great for systems that can encounter hammering, unpredictable water pressures or that have a high starting water pressure.

The addition of this safe, simple and economical device can prevent damage to expensive water filtration and reverse osmosis systems as well as older or questionable water systems as a whole. This pressure regulator comes with 3/8” quick connect fittings that make installation quick, easy and reliable.

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