Primus Gardener Weed Torch

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Great for removing weeds with no chemicals or intrusive machinery. Operates with a button touch flame system and regulator valve. Easy to use and effective in removing any kind of weed.

Primus Gardener Weed Torch


  • Length: 30.3"
  • Button Touch Flame System
  • Regulator Valve
  • Handle
  • Fits Many Gas Cylinders
  • Runs Off Propane or Propane/Butane Mixtures
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Operate

This weed torch is using principles for weed removal that have been used by professional gardeners for years. The use of heat is a quick and effective way of removing weeds that doesn't use any strange chemicals or intrusive machinery.

Simply wave the flame about 5 cm above the weed and within a day or two it will be wilted and dead. The heat destroys the cell structures of the weed leaves and stems and makes it so the plant can no longer function. Comes with a touch button ignition system to save on gas and safely use the flame only where you need it.

Comes with a regulator valve and can easily screw onto any 14 oz or 16.2 oz cylinders. With an additional hose extension can be attached to bulk tanks for longer use. (Propane cylinder shown not included)

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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