Pro-Bloom Foliar Spray 3-20-17 (1 Gallon)

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Pro-Bloom is a foliar spray/soil fertilizer that provides plants with a huge boost of phosphorus and potassium that pushes them to produce excellent flowers in improved numbers. Great for indoor or outdoor growing.

Pro-Bloom Foliar Spray 3-20-17 (1 Gallon)




  • Makes 128 gallons of spray
  • Easy to use spray delivers a rich formula of phosphorus and potassium
  • Promotes blooming and helps to create bigger and more vibrant flowers
  • Ideal for ornamentals and for increasing the quantity of flowers
  • Increases root mass
  • Improves the tolerance to stresses and helps plants to recover from injury more rapidly
  • Great for application to roots or as a foliar spray
  • Can be applied several weeks before flowers are needed (holidays, sales, etc.)
  • NPK ratio of 3-20-17 is heavy on phosphorus and potassium
  • Application rate: 1 oz. of Pro-Bloom to 1 gallon of water
  • Nitrogen content is 2.5% urea, 0.8 ammoniacal, and 1.7% nitrate
  • Pro-Bloom also contains magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc

Pro-Bloom is designed to push plants to create the best quantity and quality of flowers in a relatively short period of time. It does this by providing plants with a large quantity of phosphorus and potassium which plants use when growing flowers and fruit.


This formula is designed for use as a foliar spray or as a soil based fertilizer. It should start to be used a few weeks before it is time to harvest the flowers so plants have time to fully utilize its benefits. Pro-Bloom is a concentrated formula that has an application rate of only 1 oz per gallon of water, meaning that one gallon of Pro-Bloom creates 128 gallons of usable foliar spray.


This mixture can be used in greenhouses, with indoor growing operations, and with traditional outdoor growing. Along with a great boost of phosphorus and potassium it also contains nitrogen and many micro nutrients that are beneficial for plant growth.


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