2 Inch Auger for the EA500 Echo Earth Auger

Product Weight 10.00 Pounds
This earth auger has a diameter of 2 inches and bores a hole through hard-packed soils. Great for bulb planting, small plants and for root fertilizing.
Sales price $179.99

2 Inch Auger for the EA500 Echo Earth Auger

echoaugers-sThis auger features a solid steel construction and a slim 2” diameter for bulb planting or root feeding. It can also be used to plant smaller plants and drill holes for small posts or stakes. The 2 inch diameter auger is also good for creating anchor rod starting holes for anchoring buildings, tarps, poles and much more. 

Fits the EA500 Echo Earth Auger and is rugged enough to drill through hard soils. Made with solid flighting welded to the inner drive for maximum soil movement. (10 inch model pictured)

Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs



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