Turf Erosion Control

gpflex-s1It is always a shame when a healty lawn or well kept yard is damaged by foot traffic, cars, or heavier vehicles. Our line of ground protection meshes and trackways is designed to evenly distribute the weight of pedestrians and vehicles and to provide better traction.

They are ideal for temporary parking areas, temporary roads, foot paths and much more. They protect grass and other turf from damage and allow the user to reduce any potential for damage. 

Turf Erosion Control

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Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh Green (6.7’ x 100’)

Turf Reinforcement Mesh is an HDPE, green mesh that helps to protect grassy areas from foot traffic and vehicles. It blends in with grass and provides a more stable walking/driving surface.
Sales price: $269.99
SKU: TN-64313308