LaMotte Soil Macronutrients Testing Kit – 5928-01

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This testing kit is designed to measure 4 critical soil macronutrient related factors. It has everything needed to test 50 times with each parameter.
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LaMotte Soil Macronutrients Testing Kit – 5928-01


  • A comprehensive introduction to the study of soil properties and nutrients
  • Includes the popular and easy-to-use soil sampling tube, soil sample bags, the Soil Texture Unit and individual test modules for four important test factors
  • Octet Comparator tests:
    • pH (3.8-9.6)
  • Color Chart tests:
    • Nitrate (10-150 lb/ac)
    • Phosphate (10-200 lb/ac)
  • Turbidity Column
    • Potassium (100-400 lb/ac)
  • Accessories:
    • Soil Texture Unit
    • Soil Sample Bags
    • Soil Sampling Tube
  • Each individual test module includes complete instructions and all necessary apparatus and reagents to perform 50 tests

The Soil Macronutrients test kit is designed to perform 50 tests of 4 important soil test factors including pH, Nitrate, Phosphate and Potassium. This kit is great for developing an understanding of proper testing techniques and reasoning behind soil macronutrient testing. It can be used to develop a better picture of soil health and the macronutrients available for plant growth.

Unit Ship Weight: 20 lbs



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