LaMotte Soil Micronutrient Test Kit – 5938-01

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This complete kit includes 50 tests for 9 different soil micronutrients. Each module contains specific instructions and the entire kit comes with helpful handbooks to aid in student understanding.
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LaMotte Soil Micronutrient Test Kit – 5938-01


  • Students learn preparation, extraction and filtration techniques and procedures for testing soil nutrients
  • Includes individual test modules for 9 important soil test factors:
    • Aluminum (5-150 ppm)
    • Ammonia (5-150 ppm)
    • Calcium (150-2800 ppm)
    • Chlorides (25-500 ppm)
    • Iron (5-125 ppm)
    • Magnesium (5-150 ppm)
    • Manganese (4-40 ppm)
    • Nitrite (1-50 ppm)
    • Sulfate (50-200 ppm)
  • Includes 50 tests for each factor
  • Rugged field carrying case houses the individual test modules and valuable handbooks to assist and supplement soil science studies
  • Each individual test module includes complete instructions and all necessary reagents
  • An economical reagent refill kit is available (R-5938-01)

This complete soil micronutrient test kit is designed to measure 9 critical micronutrients found in soil. Testing these parameters helps the user to gain a picture of the soil quality and what steps need to be taken to improve the soil.

This kit includes 9 test modules that contain complete instructions. Each module contains enough reagents to perform 50 tests each and is designed to test typical ranges of each micronutrient. All of these modules, along with instructions and handbooks, come in a hard field-ready carrying case that keeps everything protected and organized.

Unit Ship Weight: 25 lbs



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