LaMotte Complete Soil Lab – 1988-03

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This test kit can measure 13 different soil nutrient parameters. With a colorimetric test of 10 parameters and direct reading titrator tests of the other 3.
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LaMotte Complete Soil Lab – 1988-03

This test kit measures 13 different test options for achieving a complete snapshot of the soil nutrient quality1988-02-s

Colorimeter Tests:

  • Nitrate Nitrogen, Method: Cadmium Reduction, Range: 0-300lb/acre, 20 tests
  • Nitrite Nitrogen, Method: Diazotization, Range: 0-40lb/acre, 20 tests
  • Ammonia Nitrogen, Method: Nesslerization, Range: 0-200lb/acre, 50 tests
  • Phosphorus, Method: Ascorbic Acid Reduction, Range: 0-99lb/acre, 50 tests
  • Potassium, Method: Tetraphenylboron, Range: 0-500lb/acre, 100 tests
  • Sulfur, Method: Barium Chloride, Range: 3-94ppm, 50 tests
  • Copper, Method: Diethyldithiocarbamate, Range: 0-30ppm, 100 tests
  • Iron, Method: Bipyridyl, Range: 0-30ppm, 50 tests
  • Manganese, Method: Periodate, Range: 0-75ppm, 50 tests
  • Zinc, Method: Zincon, Range: 0-15ppm

Direct Reading Titrator Tests:

  • Calcium, Range: 0-4000lb/acre
  • Magnesium, Range: 0-2400lb/acre
  • Chloride, Range: 0-1000lb/acre

The LaMotte Model SCL-15 is designed to provide the landowner, consultant, or fertilizer specialist with a method for achieving immediate and economical soil analyses in the field without sacrificing accuracy.

The Model SCL-15 is a self-contained, soil analysis laboratory that provides accurate answers anywhere for thirteen soil factors, including available forms of macronutrients and critical micronutrients.

This test kit comes with a SMART 2 Colorimeter which instantly analyzes color reactions developed in nutrient tests. Display readings are multiplied by a conversion factor specific to each test to provide a result in parts per million (ppm) or pounds per acre (lb/acre) removing the need for further calculations.

The simplified test procedures provide at least 20 tests for each soil nutrient. Each accurately standardized system is furnished in an individual plastic module for quick distinction. All tests are performed in minutes on easy-to-prepare soil extracts, based on Mehlich I extraction. The user manual has been attached to this page to answer any further questions.

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