Cider and Fruit Juice Making

ciderpress-s1These presses and components allow the user to create their own ciders, juices, wines and syrups. Pressing your own juice from fruits such as apples and pears is a healthy and delicious practice that saves money and allows the user to create their own customized recipes. Creating juice, cider, and wine is a fun activity that the entire family can get behind while creating a healthy substitute to heavily processed juices found at many stores. 

Cider and Fruit Juice Making

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Wooden Hopper for the Weston Apple Crusher

This wooden hopper is designed for use with the West Fruit & Apple Crusher. It holds approximately 1 peck of apples and makes crushing large quantities of fruit faster and easier. Made with solid...
Sales price: $24.99
SKU: WS-05-0301

Weston Fruit & Apple Crusher

The Weston Fruit & Apple Crusher is designed to manually crush fruits of almost any kind. It features an easy-to-turn manual handle and stainless steel chute and blades for years of reliable fruit...
Sales price: $239.99
SKU: WS-05-0201

Weston Cider, Fruit, & Wine Press

The Weston Cider, Fruit, & Wine Press is designed to press the juices out of apples, pears, grapes, and other fruits or berries. It features a heavy-duty double ratcheting head and a durable vintage...
Sales price: $278.99
SKU: WS-05-0101