Jerky Making

stainlessdehydrator-s1Jerky is a dried meat product that requires no chemical preservatives. It preserves the flavors and nutrients found in the meat without the need to cook the meat first. Any sort of meat from game animals to domestic can be used to make jerky. Typical equipment needed to create jerky includes dehydrators, slicers, and tenderizers. 

Jerky Making

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Realtree AP Pink Camo Two Pocket Apron

This Realtree AP Camo apron features a camo color scheme and has two large pockets on the front. It ties around the back and works great for grilling, frying, canning, jerky and sausage making and...
Sales price: $19.99
SKU: WS-04-0002-RT

Weston 3-Tier Jerky Drying Rack

The Weston 3-Tier Jerky Drying Rack allows anyone to dry jerky, fruits, and vegetables in a standard oven. It has non-stick surfaces and features over 700 square inches of drying space.
Sales price: $34.99
SKU: WS-07-0155-W

Weston Original Jerky & Snack Stick Gun

This jerky and snack stick gun squeezes ground meat and spices out into uniform strips that can be made into jerky or sausage. It comes with 2 stainless steel tips and a cleaning brush set.
Sales price: $44.99
SKU: WS-37-0111-W

Motor Kit for the Weston Tenderizer/Slicer

This motor kit turns the Manual Meat Tenderizer & Jerky Slicer into an automatic and motorized meat processor. It eliminates the need for any manual cranking and allows the meat tenderizer and slicer...
Sales price: $59.99
SKU: WS-01-0103-W

Weston Complete Original Jerky Kit

The Weston Complete Original Jerky Kit includes everything needed to form, season, and dry jerky or snack sticks. Also included is the Original Jerky Gun Jr. which creates perfectly formed jerky or...
Sales price: $89.99
SKU: WS-02-5001-W

Manual Single-Support Jerky Slicer

This jerky slicer features 32 blades that allows the user to evenly slice meat into 1/4" pieces. It easily mounts to any table or countertop and is easy to clean.
Sales price: $129.99
SKU: WS-07-3801-W-A

Weston Manual Meat Tenderizer & Jerky Slicer

This meat tenderizer and jerky slicer is manually operated and has a built-in stand for use anywhere. It not only slices jerky but tenderizes it as well.
Sales price: $149.99
SKU: WS-07-3101-W-A