Weston Jerky Tonic Premium Seasoning Kit - Cajun (Makes 8 lbs)

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The Weston Jerky Tonics are liquid seasonings designed to add popular flavors to any homemade jerky. This kit includes seasoning and curing salt for 8 lbs of meat.
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Weston Jerky Tonic Premium Seasoning Kit - Cajun (Makes 8 lbs)




  • Liquid jerky seasoning makes 8 lbs of seasoned meat
  • Includes pink curing salt for 8 lbs of meat
  • 12 oz bottles
  • Available in 3 flavors:
    • Weston Signature (WS-02-0021-W)
    • Cajun (WS-02-0022-W)
    • Sweet & Spicy (WS-02-0023-W)
  • All natural ingredients
  • No MSG added
  • Preservative free
  • Perfect for use with all kind of meat
  • Liquid seasoning is ready to be mixed with meat right away

The Weston Liquid Jerky Seasonings are designed to add bold flavor to any homemade jerky. They come in Weston Signature, Cajun, and Sweet & Spicy flavors. Each bottle can make 8 lbs of perfectly seasoned meat ready for drying. These seasonings transform any jerky into customized, delicious creations and are made with natural ingredients, no MSG, and no preservatives.


Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb



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