Chain and Slip Hook For Post-Popper

Product Weight 5.00 Pounds
This chain extension makes the post-popper able to grab onto and pull out posts of any shape. Have leverage and gravity on your side when you use the post popper to remove stubborn stakes and posts.
Sales price $24.99

Chain and Slip Hook For Post-Popper

PLR350_SThis chain and slip hook are made to work perfectly with the Post-Popper Post Remover. If you have a stake or post close to the ground that you can't reach with the post popper this handy chain extension lets you easily reach them.

This chain also lets you wrap the chain around any size or shaped post that you wouldn't be able to hook on to otherwise. The slip hook and chain tighten around whatever you're pulling up on and let you achieve higher leverage and pulling power by pulling it straight out. This makes the Post-Popper much more versatile and useful on posts or stakes of any size.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs



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