Poly Greenhouse Inflation Controller System

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Product Weight 8.00 Pounds
The Poly Inflation Controller regulates the pressure between layers of poly film automatically or can be set to specific levels. It improves the lifespan and effectiveness of double layer poly film greenhouses.
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Poly Greenhouse Inflation Controller System

Regulates the airflow of blowers inflating between two layers of film.


Features: inflationcontroller s


  • Extends poly film lifespan
  • Saves energy by maintaining the correct pressure between films
  • Helps to reduce damage caused by over or under inflation
  • Offers more building stability in windy environments
  • Controller features a built-in water-tight case for use in wet environments
  • Includes a built-in manometer (pressure gauge)
  • Displays local humidity and temperature data with a thermometer on the air intake valve
  • Able to run in both manual or auto mode which adjusts pressure based on temperature and wind gusts
  • System includes a controller, air intake valve, power cord, manometer tube

The Poly Inflation Controller is designed to regulate the airflow into blowers that inflate between layers of film. This is ideal for use with greenhouses as it regulates the pressure while increasing the lifespan of poly film. Properly regulating the air pressure of inflated greenhouse film helps to save energy and optimize the insulating factor provided by double layer greenhouse film.


This controller can be operated in both manual and automatic mode, which constantly regulates the air pressure depending on temperature and wind gusts. As a result, greenhouses have improved stability and efficiency. This controller also displays the local pressure and temperature for precise control over your greenhouse environment.


Note: This unit does not include a blower fan. They can be found here.


Unit Ship Weight: 8 lbs



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