CO2 Replacement Regulator for Hydrofarm CO2 System

Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
This regulator ensures a constant pressure leaves the tank. This allows sensors, timers and controllers to operate more efficiently.
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CO2 Replacement Regulator for Hydrofarm CO2 System


  • Keeps pressure constant for carbon dioxide gas dispersal
  • Includes brass fittings and a pressure gauge attached to the regulator
  • Clear indication of pressure level
  • Allows the user to visibly see the pressure and to control its output
  • Made with non-corrosive elements for use in damp growing areas
  • Note: This is only the replacement regulator.

This regulator keeps the pressure output stable no matter what the pressure is inside of the tank. This allows the user to keep an eye on the actual pressure escaping from the tank and to better fit the dispersal system. It has brass fittings and corrosion resistant components that work well in damn growing rooms.

Having a properly operating pressure regulator is extremely important for the proper operation of sensitive timers and flow rate regulators. Using supplemental carbon dioxide increases the grow rates and flowering of plants 20 to 100%, with an optimum enrichment level of CO2 at 1500ppm.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs



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