120V Grow Lighting Ballast Power Cord 8ft 14/3

Product Weight 1.00 Pounds
This power cord allows 120V ballasts to operate from 120V power sources. It has a notched IEC female receptacle to eliminate plug confusion and possible ballast damage.
Sales price $8.95

120V Grow Lighting Ballast Power Cord 8ft 14/3


  • 14 gauge
  • 3 bundled wire cord
  • Notched IEC Female receptacle
  • Notched design fits 120V input to eliminate voltage confusion
  • Rated at 120V
  • 8 feet long
  • Colored black
  • Allows ballasts to operate with 120V
  • Minimum order quantity of 4.

This power cord allows growing lighting ballasts to operate at 120V. Most houses, greenhouses and apartments have a voltage of 120V and this cord allows ballasts to connect to standard connections in these places. The 120V cord has vertical positive and negative connections instead of horizontal connections found in 240V cords.

Note: This cord should only be used with ballasts that are rated for use with 120V.

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb



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