Growing Mediums

With indoor growing comes a series of opportunities for incredible plant growth. One area that has been re-thought and improved upon is the medium that the plant is grown in. Soil poses a number of problems for growing including plant diseases, potentially harmful toxins, seeds, or compaction problems.

New growing mediums address these problems with a series of new mixtures and abilities. Rock-wool is an ideal medium for sprouting plants and for giving them a firm base to grow in. Clay growing balls are another option which absorb water and nutrients for the plant to gradually use while still giving the roots something to grab onto.

Coco fibers and natural polymers provide a firm base which won’t become oversaturated with water. All of these mediums are an improvement and address certain shortcomings of soil. They are also more disease free and weed free ensuring that plants have ideal growing situations every time.

Growing Mediums

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Wonder Soil Expanding Soil and Nutrient Cube (2.5 cu ft Expanded)

Wonder Soil is an mixture designed to expand up to 7 times in volume when hydrated. It contains coconut coir, humus, worm castings and Mycorrhizae. It is ideal for any container and feeds plants for...
Sales price: $19.99