RainForest Modular 66 Vortex Sprayer System

SKU: HF-GH6600
Product Weight 36.00 Pounds
The RainForest Vortex Sprayer system promotes aggressive root growth by spraying the roots of cuttings and small plants with nutrient solution. Great for season extension.
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RainForest Modular 66 Vortex Sprayer System


  • Ideal system for starting cuttings or small plants in a limited space
  • 6 growing pot inserts located on the top can be interchanged with other lid inserts such as:
    • 6 Grow cups 6" each (included, GH6610)
    • 18 Grow cups 3" each (GH6710)
    • 36 Grow cups 2" each (GH6810)
  • Nutrient solution is sprayed over the bases of cuttings and small plants
  • Promotes rapid root development
  • Roots are subjected to ideal growing conditions for high success rates
  • Hexagonal shape is strong and fits together with other systems
  • External water gauge provides quick reference
  • Great for starting plants earlier in the year in locations with short growing systems

The RainForest 66 Vortex Sprayer System is designed to promote rapid and aggressive root growth on cuttings and small plants. These plants can then be transplanted to other areas once the roots have developed. The lower reservoir contains a nutrient solution and houses the vortex sprayer which not only aerates the solution but sprays it evenly across the roots and cutting bases.

The system allows excess moisture to drop back into the lower reservoir while keeping the roots and medium moist. This allows the roots to take in as much water and nutrients as it needs for rapid and aggressive growth. It has a removable top tray for easy refilling and has a hexagonal shape for strength and tight positioning around similar units.

Unit Ship Weight: 36 lbs



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