Master Lighting Controllers

MLC-20P4-s2A master lighting controller is essentially a mini circuit breaker with receptacles built right in. They are used primarily for indoor growing operations, greenhouses and workshops and can contain many receptacles.

They typically run at either 120 or 240 Volts and usually have one or more circuit breakers built-in for better control and safety. The master lighting controller can be used to power multiple high-intensity discharge lamps such as high pressure sodium or metal halide.

They can also be used to run fans, blowers, cooling systems and other lighting. These are a great option for anyone wanting to create or expand an indoor operation, and will provide the receptacles needed for a power hungry growing operation.


  • Indoor growing operations
  • Hydroponics operations
  • Greenhouses
  • Workshops
  • Garden lighting
  • Barns

Master Lighting Controllers