Back Draft Damper 12” Diameter Galvanized Steel

Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
This damper system automatically prevents exhausted air from re-entering a growing area or ventilated space. Works great with centrifugal fans and filters.
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Back Draft Damper 12” Diameter Galvanized Steel

VTBDD4-sThe back draft damper prevents exhausted air from returning to the growing area. It also prevents cold air from entering a growing area, saving on heating costs. This simple device fits into an existing duct work system and when used with a ventilation fan and an air filter it provides a complete ventilation and air purity system.

This system is great for use with indoor growing operations to keep carbon dioxide and oxygen levels ideal for plant growth. It is also great for ventilation in houses, barns, sheds, greenhouses and much more. It is made from corrosion resistant galvanized steel that is ideal for use in damp growing areas or greenhouses.

The damper is designed to fit directly into existing ducts and can be easily built into new ventilation or cooling systems as it fits the diameter of metal or soft ducts. The spring loaded design automatically shuts after air stops flowing and it is only for use in one air flow direction. A perimeter gasket ensures a tight seal which is ideal for cold environments or supplemental carbon dioxide applications.

Note: This is only the back draft damper, it doesn't include any fans or filters.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs



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