Variable Voltage Fan Speed Controller

SKU: HF-CFH0350290
Product Weight 13.00 Pounds
This controller allows the user to precisely control ventilation fan speeds and airflow. It's great for use with max-fans and can-fans as well as other centrifugal fans.
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Variable Voltage Fan Speed Controller


  • Provides complete mastery over the users airflow
  • Provides smooth sinusoidal wave to the fan, eliminating any motor hum and unnecessary strain on the motor
  • Controls Can-Fans, Max-Fans and many more centrifugal ventilation fans and is recommended for use with the 12” Max-Fan
  • Auto-transformer and built-in Amp meter
  • Grounded receptacle
  • Illuminating ON/OFF switch

The Variable Voltage Fan Speed Controller allows the user to physically control the speed of their ventilation fan and, as a result, the airflow. This rugged controller features a built-in Amp meter and an auto-transformer to take the guesswork out of fan speed control.

Simply plug the fan into the outlet on the front of the controller and adjust the speed control dial on the top. This is a great device for precisely controlling the speed of fans for ventilation or cooling applications.

Unit Ship Weight: 13 lbs



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