Eliminator Replacement Sediment Filter (Pack of 4)

Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
This filter is designed to remove larger particles and small sediment down to 1 micron. This increases the lifespan of carbon filters and reverse osmosis membranes.
Sales price $50.99

Eliminator Replacement Sediment Filter (Pack of 4)


  • This sediment filter is for use in the Eliminator 100 and 200 GPD systems (EL100LP, EL200LP)
  • 1-micron filter removes almost all sediments
  • Improves the performance and lifespan of carbon filters and reverse osmosis membranes
  • Keeps additional membranes and filters from clogging up with sediment and debris
  • Sediment filter is the first thing that water sees when it enters the water purification system

This sediment filter replacement is designed to act as a pre-filter for the Eliminator system. It removes larger sediment and particles down to 1-micron in size. This filter keeps the rest of the system from clogging and also increases the lifespan of filters and membranes.

This cylindrical sediment filter is designed to have an excellent flow rate and keep up with systems designed to produce 100 or 200 gallons of pure water per day. It is easy to change out and saves the user money replacing more expensive carbon filters or reverse osmosis membranes.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs



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