Nature’s Solution Organic Mycorrhizae (1 lb)

Product Weight 2.00 Pounds
Organic Mycorrhizae is a concentrated, water-soluble form of beneficial fungi for growing. It improves water and nutrient uptake abilities of plant roots and improves every facet of plant growth from vegetative to fruiting growth.
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Nature’s Solution Organic Mycorrhizae (1 lb)




  • Concentrated water-soluble form of beneficial microbes for planting
  • Fungi creates a mutually beneficial relationship with plant roots
  • Aids the plant with water and nutrient uptake
  • Increases the surface area of plant roots and accesses nutrients that are otherwise couldn’t be utilized
  • Contains multiple varieties of microbes:
    • 6 endomycorrhizal fungi species
    • 5 ectomycorrhizal fungi species
  • 1 lb of organic mycorrhizae makes 320 gallons of treated water
  • Allowed in organic food production

This organic mycorrhizae source provides a diverse and effective means of improving the nutrient and moisture uptake potential of plants. The highly soluble organic mycorrhizae is highly concentrated and allows the user to make up to 320 gallons of treated water for widespread agricultural use.


The beneficial fungi attach themselves to the plant roots and effectively increase the surface area of the roots. The microbes allow the plant to access more nutrients and moisture in the growing media and promote healthier plant growth and root formation. Organic Mycorrhizae is allowed in organic food production and can be used with any kind of plant to boost growth and production.


Unit Ship Weight:  2 lbs



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