Flavorful Natural Humic Acid Concentrate (5 Gal.)

Product Weight 44.00 Pounds
This Humic Acid concentrate has a higher percentage of Humic Acid than most competitors at 8%. It helps the plant to facilitate the exchange of nutrients and promotes healthy, sustained and vigorous growth.
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Flavorful Natural Humic Acid Concentrate (5 Gal.)




  • 8% refined Humic acid concentrate
  • Dark, amber color indicates the high concentration compared to most other formulas on the market that are 0.01% concentration
  • High electrolyte concentration optimizes health and maintains sustained, vigorous growth
  • Comprised of long chains of organic carboxyl and polyhydroxide acids
  • Large capacity to hold and exchange nutritive cations and anions
  • Enhances cell wall permeability throughout the root and leaf systems
  • Derived from Leonardite
  • Directions: Add 1-5mL per gallon of water or nutrient solution for best results

Flavorful is a natural humic acid concentrate that helps plants to better absorb nutrients. It features a high concentration of Humic acid at 8%, well above most competitors that are around 0.01% concentration.


It is ideal for providing electrolytes to plants to ensure healthy ion exchanges and improving cell wall permeability in the roots and leaves. Essentially, this formula helps to optimize plant health and maintains sustained, vigorous growth. It can be used with any growing medium and is also great for hydroponic growing systems.


Unit Ship Weight: 44 lbs



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