Rock Box Starter Pack (5 Piece)

Product Weight 5.00 Pounds
The Rock Box Starter Pack includes Fusion Grow, Fusion Bloom, Supercharge Root Tonic, Resinator Heavy Yields, and Absorbalight. Includes everything needed to boost plant growth from beginning to end.
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Rock Box Starter Pack (5 Piece)


Kit Includes:GGRB-s


  • Fusion Grow
  • Fusion Bloom
  • Supercharge Root Tonic
  • Resinator Heavy Yields
  • Absorbalight

The Rock Box Starter Pack is a 5 bottle system designed to improve and simplify your nutrient regiment. It includes everything needed to bring plants from the beginning to the end of their span, with excellent yields that are heavy with resins and flavor.


It allows the user to experience the amazing growing potential of their plants when using the correct nutrients. It is great for beginning gardeners and professionals alike as they can pick and choose their favorite nutrient options to purchase in larger quantities.


Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs



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