Flamers - Natural Weed Control & More

dolly_action.jpgFlamers are best used to flame weeds in your yard, garden, concrete cracks, rock gardens, driveways and along fence lines. Perfect along chainlink fences! Flaming reduces or eliminates spraying chemicals and is a lot more fun than pulling weeds!

With a flamer you can also burn heavy weeds and brush, stumps, debris and more. Perfect to burn off irrigation ditches, fields, culverts, pond edges etc. Start charcoal, campfires, burn barrels and back fires.

Flamers also have many other uses including:Melting snow and ice off steps, sidewalks, driveways and any nonflammable surfaces. Heating metal castings, pipe and tubing, branding irons, pots, kettles, tar, asphalt and roofing materials. Sterilizing bird and animal cages, pens and other nonflammable confinement areas. Drying or thawing sand, dirt and other materials used in construction and excavation. Removing paint, grease, oil, plastic and other residues from metal, concrete and other nonflammable objects.


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Hose For Primus Weed Torch 8 ft

This 8 foot long hose is for the 2230 primus weeder torch and lets it attach to bulk tanks. This flexible and rugged hose gives you the mobility to reach weeds no matter where they hide.
Sales price: $42.99
SKU: 1508WS

Primus Gardener Weed Torch

Great for removing weeds with no chemicals or intrusive machinery. Operates with a button touch flame system and regulator valve. Easy to use and effective in removing any kind of weed.
Sales price: $79.99
SKU: 2230