Tenax Ranch 1 - Green Plastic Mesh Farm Fencing (6.6' x 165')

SKU: TN-93082006
Product Weight 41.00 Pounds
Ranch 1 is an all purpose mesh solution that is great for construction and farming fencing projects. Mesh Measures 1.65 inch x 2.30 inch
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Tenax Ranch 1 - Plastic Mesh Farm Fencing (6.6' x 165')


  • Green Plastic Mesh
  • Mesh Measures 1.65 inch x 2.30 inch
  • Strong and Flexible
  • Great for Permanent and Temporary Fencing Options
  • Made Using a Special Bi-Orientation Process for Strength and Durability
  • Easy to Install
  • UV Treated
  • Will Not Rust or Rot
  • Easy to Cut
  • No Sharp Edges


Ranch 1 is an all purpose mesh solution that is great for construction and farming fencing projects. You will find that it is great choice for many situations and that it is strong and effective. You can use it to create fencing, add decorative touches, protecting areas and creating separation around your garden or greenhouse. If you need an all purpose fencing solution, Ranch 1 is just what you are searching for.

Ranch 1 is manufactured using a special technology that provides additional strength and durability to the product. Tenax calls their manufacturing process a bi-orientation process. This process involves stretching the plastic in 2 directions. This results in a much stronger final product that is durable and rigid. This mesh product is made from the highest quality plastic available.


Since this product is such high quality you will find that it is very easy to install. You will not need to use welded wire, supports or other special products when installing the Ranch 1 fencing. It is also UV treated which means that it will last for a long time even when used in outdoor environments. The sun can really damage plastic products and finding a fencing option that has been UV treated is essential if you want it to lastOnce this product is in place you will find that it requires almost no maintenance. It will easily last for years without any additional care or concern on your part. Additionally it will never rust, rot or corrode. It is a great choice for permanent and temporary fencing needs and resolving fencing problems. It works well in farming, garden and construction environments.


We love that this fencing is so affordable. You will be unable to find a product of similar quality at a lower price. For the price of this fencing you get a great value product that will last for years. It is also very lightweight and easy to install.


If you haven’t used plastic fencing options like this Ranch 1 fencing before you will find that they carry many benefits to metal fencing options. They are easier to install and can be used with wood, plastic and metal poles depending on your needs. They will never rust or corrode. They are also much more flexible and lightweight which makes them a lot easier to work with and install. Also when plastic mesh fencing is cut it doesn’t leave sharp edges which makes it a safer option for you, your animals and others. This is a great fencing option that is both strong and affordable.


Unit ship weight: 41 Lbs



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