PROHOE Rogue Field Hoe 7in Blade 60in Handle

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This hoe is made from recycled tempered steel agricultural discs. It features a straight hardwood handle and sharpened edges.

PROHOE Rogue Field Hoe 7” Blade 60” Handle


  • Made from recycled agricultural disc blades
  • The tempered steel results in extremely durable tools and long lasting sharp edges
  • 7” wide blade is great for any gardening job
  • Blade depth is wide for digging deep and moving more soil
  • Additional grinding, welding and sharpening are done by hand
  • Straight hardwood handle provides long reach and great leverage
  • 3 edges are sharpened with one having a slight curve

This garden hoe was designed with strength and longevity in mind. It is made from extremely strong tempered steel disc blades which were intended for use in the soil. It features a deep blade which is ideal for cutting through sod and hard soil. This blade is also great for scooping large quantities of soil and rolling sod.

These blades are cut and shaped into these rugged hoes with all additional welding, grinding and sharpening being done by hand. This hoe is strong enough to dig holes, dig trenches, remove stubborn weeds, move soil and break apart packed areas.

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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