Pura Vida Grow Liquid Fertilizer 6-4-3 (10 Liter)

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This liquid fertilizer promotes vigorous vegetative growth and is ideal for both hydroponic and soil based growing operations. It features a full complement of micronutrients as well. NPK ratio of 6-4-3.

Pura Vida Grow Liquid Fertilizer 6-4-3 (10 Liter)


  • Contains sufficient nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with micro nutrients, to sustain aggressive, rapid growth
  • NPK ratio: 6-4-3
  • Produces abundant vegetative and structural growth
  • Total micro nutrient complex
  • Nose friendly
  • Vegan, no animal bi-products used
  • No irrigation line clogging – Ideal for hydroponic as well as soil based growing
  • Powerful as a one-part fertilizer, can be combined with Pura Vida Bloom to create an aggressive, and all purpose, two-part forumulation

This versatile liquid fertilizer is designed to promote vigorous vegetative development during the plant's growth stage. It is ideal for use with hydroponic and soil based growing operations as this formula will not clog irrigation lines and contains no foul odors. It is concentrated on high nitrogen levels for vegetative growth but also provides a good supply of phosphorus and potassium to provide a well rounded nutrient mixture.

It is formulated from various plant materials and subjected to a fermentation process. This allows plants to access the minerals easily and creates an incredibly effective fertilizer. It also contains a full complement of micro nutrients to ensure plants receive everything they need for improved growth and better yields.

Unit Ship Weight: 23 lbs

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