PVC Coated Steel Hex Web Deer Fence (6ft x 150ft)

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This deer fence is made from 20 gauge wire with a black PVC coating. Deer, rodents and other animals can't chew through. Mesh size approx 1" breaking load 1,200 lbs/ft.

PVC Coated Steel Hex Web Deer Fence (6ft x 150ft)


  • 20 gauge steel design
  • Deer and other animals won’t chew through
  • Breaking load of 1,200 lbs/ft
  • Black PVC coating increases strength and helps to prevent corrosion
  • Hex twist design adds to overall strength and longevity
  • Hole openings are approximately 1"

This rugged deer fence is designed using PVC coated steel wire twisted together into a hexagonal design. This design provides excellent strength and longevity. The PVC coating adds to the strength of the fence while preventing corrosion from the harshest weather.

The fence is flexible and easy to set up around trees, gardens and property. It comes in multiple heights depending on the protection circumstance. The steel core of the fence eliminates deer, rodents and other animals from chewing through and is ideal for high traffic animal areas.

The Hex Web Fence is also stronger than other fence designs with an impressive breaking load of 1,200 lbs/ft. It is great for almost all wildlife barrier applications.


  • 20 gauge steel with Class I Galvanization
  • PVC coated black
  • 15+ year lifespan
  • Dimensions: 6’ x 150’

Unit Ship Weight: 90 lbs

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