RapidStart Root Enhancer (275ml)

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RapidStart Root Enhancer uses a premium blend of natural plant extracts, amino acids, and various nutrients to promote explosive root growth. It increases root mass and grows very fine root hairs.

RapidStart Root Enhancer (275ml)




  • Promotes prolific root growth
  • Encourages expansive root branching with fine root hairs
  • Provides superior nutrient uptake through very fine root hairs
  • Increases root mass and plant biomass
  • Creates more ductile roots that are flexible and resistant to transplanting
  • Includes natural plant extracts, amino acids, and nutrients
  • Great for use throughout the plant life cycle
  • Works in all growing systems, media, and environments

Rapid Start is designed to promote healthy, prolific root growth in plants of all kinds. It helps to increase total root mass as well as promote expansive root branching with fine root hairs. It increases nutrient uptake as the roots have a hugely increased surface area and much finer, ductile roots. These roots are more flexible and resistant to transplanting.


This rooting enhancer is designed for use throughout the growth cycle and allows plants to grow up quickly with increased resistance to extreme growing environments. It is made with a premium plant extracts, amino acids, and choice nutrients that are designed to generate explosive root growth.


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