Receptacle Adapter Hydrofarm Male For Hardwiring 25ft Cord

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This adapter allows a reflector or lamp unit to be hardwired to a male Hydrofarm lock and seal ballast plug. Great for standardizing grow lighting systems. Total length of 25'.

Receptacle Adapter Hydrofarm Male For Hardwiring 25' Cord


  • Hardwires directly into reflector units and lamps
  • Lock and seal design keeps moisture out of the electrical connections
  • Allows lamps, reflectors and more to plug directly into Hydrofarm Ballasts
  • Includes 25' of cord along with the male Lock and Seal plug end

This adapter is designed to hardwire directly into a reflector or lamp system. It can then be plugged directly into a Hydrofarm Ballast without the need for additional adapters. It is rated at 600V and consists of 16 gauge wire with 3 bundled separate wires.

This adapter can also be used to construct a custom grow room that conforms specifically to Hydrofarm ballasts. This cord set allows the user to standardize their reflectors or lamps to a single receptacle type, making it easy to rearrange and redeploy lighting with different ballasts.

Note: Minimum order quantity of 2.

Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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