Recipe for Success Growing Nutrient Starter Kit (10 Piece)

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The Recipe for Success Starter Kit includes 10 different growing solutions and nutrients and provides the grower with everything they need to grow all season. Ideal for beginners and professionals looking for better growing routines.

Recipe for Success Growing Nutrient Starter Kit (10 Piece)

Kit Includes:

  • Rootech Cloning Gel-7 g
  • B.C. Grow 500 ml
  • B.C. Boost 500 ml
  • B.C. Bloom 500 ml
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Red 125 ml
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Green 125 ml
  • Awesome Blossoms 125 ml
  • MagiCal 125 ml
  • SugarDaddy 250 ml
  • ROOT 66 – 250 ml
  • Recipe for success mixing chart

This kit is designed to provide the user with everything they need to get growing right away. It includes all of these nutrients in a convenient carrying case and comes with a step-by-step mixing chart for proper growing practices. This kit allows the user to take full advantages of these nutrients in combination for maximum benefit.

This growing routine is great from the cutting stages through to the pre-harvest stages of a plant’s growth. This complete kit is designed for both beginning growers and experienced gardeners alike. It provides growing possibilities, better growing rates and improved yields that any grower will enjoy. This kit also allows the user to develop their own custom growing scheme without wasting money on larger bottles of nutrients that could possibly go to waste.

Note: With everyU.S.purchase of this cost-saving kit, Technaflora Plant Products Ltd. donates 75 cents to the Institute for Simplified Hydroponics, which is dedicated to bringing low-cost hydroponic techniques to developing countries.

Unit Ship Weight: 6 lbs

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