Redworms - Eisenia fetida (4 lb)

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FREE SHIPPING. Redworms - Eisenia fetida 4Lb (Approx 3200-3600 worms). 2Lbs of redworms will get you off to a much quicker start in breeding and creating worm castings.

Redworms - Eisenia fetida 4 lb (Approx 3200 - 3600 worms)

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Redworms will eat half their body weight daily in organic matter and convert it into dark, soil-enriching castings full of live microorganisms, growth hormones and nutrients. They can tolerate considerable heat but prefer an outdoor temperature range of 32°F-84°F. They are most active at temperatures between 60°F-70°F. Redworms absolutely require a moist, friable, pesticide-free environment with plenty of organic matter. Although this species of worm is intended for composting, you may "plant" 4 worms/sq ft in lawns and gardens, 100+ worms/sq ft in compost piles and 20 worms/sq ft of dripline in orchards.

Common names: for the Eisenia fetida are: Redworm, Red Wiggler, Tiger Worm, Manure Worm, Stink Worm, Fish Worm, Dung Worm, Fecal Worm, Striped Worm, as well as many other names.

Scientific Classification:

  • Class: Oligochaeta;
  • Order: Haplotaxidae;
  • Suborder: Lumbricina;
  • Superfamily: Lumbricoidea;
  • Family: Lumbricidae;
  • Species: Eisenia;
  • Subspecies: fetida

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