Reflective Metalized Film 100ft x 4.5ft 1 Mil Single Roll

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This highly reflective film transforms any area into a growing space. It can be placed on walls, ceilings and even floors while minimizing wasted grow light.

Reflective Metalized Film 100’ x 4.5’ 1 Mil Single Roll


  • Maximizes lighting potential of any lighting setup
  • Reflects excess light back onto plants, almost completely eliminates wasted light on covered surfaces
  • Effectively conforms around walls, corners and tables
  • Easy to cut and fit into windows, onto walls, ceilings and even floors
  • Light is reflected back to be used by plants and to warm their pots
  • Mirror-like efficiency allows one lighting source to accomplish more than ever

This film is designed to be highly reflective and to maximize lighting fixture potential. Any light that would otherwise be wasted is reflected off from surfaces covered by this film back onto plants.

This film increases efficiency of bulbs and helps one lighting source to grow more plants. The flexible material has a mirror-like efficiency that can be put on walls, in windows, on ceilings and even on the floor to minimize wasted light.

This versatile film can even be used to cover objects in a grow room that would otherwise block light or that wouldn’t be reflective. The film comes on a sturdy roll and doesn’t stick or bind up. This film transforms any space into a highly-reflective growing zone.

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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