Replacement Sensor for the Horiba LAQUAtwin EC meter

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Over time the EC meters will start to dry out, get protein in the sensor and develop cracks on the glass membrane. This sensor is designed to replace the entire sensor for the LAQUAtwin Electrical Conductivity meters.

Replacement Sensor for the Horiba LAQUA Twin Conductivity Meters

The Horiba LAQUAtwin EC meters are great compact and affordable potassium meter however the sensors do wear out after a year or so depening on usage, how often they are cleaned and conditions they are stored in. The sensors may start to dry out, get proteins in them or even develop cracks on the membrane which will prevent you from calibrating the meter and subsequently testing your samples.

To replace the sensor simply unclip the old one and remove from the meter and snap this on on its place.

This sensor is compatible with the new EC-11, EC-22 and EC-33 meters along with the older B-771 meter. 

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