Rock SuperCharge Root Tonic Supplement (5 liter)

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Rock SuperCharge is a root growth boosting tonic that promotes a huge mass of healthy roots. It helps to correct and cure many root diseases and improves the yields and growing potential of almost any plant.

Rock SuperCharge Root Tonic Supplement (5 liter)




  • Develops thick, white root mass
  • Helps to overcome several root problems that growers may face
  • Simulates a subtle attack on plant roots to boost more root growth
  • Reverses and repairs the most common root problems and diseases
  • Decreases the amount of nutrients and water needed for growth as the plant can take advantage of what it has in a more efficient way
  • Improves average yields and overall growth potential
  • Ideal for hydroponics and soil based growing
  • Made from vitamins, minerals, and specific amino acids

Rock SuperCharge is designed to stimulate vigorous root growth in plants. It does this by gently simulating an attack on the roots, which triggers the plant to grow more roots to replace the ones it thinks are being attacked. The result is a huge mass of roots that are all healthy as none of the roots were being threatened in this process. Plants are better able to bring in nutrients and water and utilize what it has more efficiently.


This strong base promotes healthier and faster growth of the upper portion of the plant. Rock SuperCharge is made from a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which help to reverse and even cure most root diseases and growth problems. This formula is great for use with hydroponics or soil based growing and increases the efficiency of any growing operation.


NOTE: This product cannot be shipped to Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, or Oregon.


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