Root 66 Root Growth Supplement 1-1-1 (4 Liter)

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Root 66 promotes extremely fast root development that improves all other aspects of plant growth. It also promotes resistance to environmental stresses, transplant shock, pests and diseases.

Root 66 Root Growth Supplement 1-1-1 (4 Liter)




  • Stimulates extremely fast root development
  • Triggers immune system function and provides pest and disease resistance
  • Minimizes the effects of transplant shock and other environmental stresses
  • Provides a smooth transition between the different phases of growth
  • Enhances all aspects of growth
  • Creates lush green foliage, thicker stems and healthier leaves
  • Creates compact, sturdy plants with multiple flower buds
  • Improves root zone health and promotes healthy beneficial soil microbe activity
  • NPK ratio: 1-1-1

Root 66 is an organic based nutrient blend featuring seaweed extract, trace elements, and disaccharides. It helps to promote the development of a well balanced root structure which directly influences every aspect of root growth. Improved root growth allows plants to access more nutrients and moisture to ensure better growth and yields than with lesser root systems.


The improved root structure that Root 66 provides helps plants to resist pests and diseases and environmental stresses. It also helps plants to resist stresses associated with transplanting as roots can quickly grow in the new growing medium. The results of Root 66 speak for themselves as plants grow bigger, stronger and produce better yields.


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