Roots Organics Ancient Amber Humic Acid Supplement (5 Gal.)

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Ancient Amber is a mixture of humic acids and nutrients derived from leonardite. It improves nutrient uptake abilities of plants and improves every stage of plant growth. It is great for hydroponics or soil based growing.

Roots Organics Ancient Amber Humic Acid Supplement (5 Gal.)




  • Helps to improve the nutrient uptake abilities of plants
  • Includes fulvic/humic acid which are excellent chelating agents
  • Facilitates the uptake of micro and macro nutrients
  • Promotes resistance to stress, improved growth, and larger, better quality harvests
  • Derived from leonardite which is ancient, decomposed organic matter that is high in humic acids
  • Specially extracted low molecular weight materials are easily absorbed by plants and allow plants to absorb heavier weight elements
  • Highly soluble formula is great for hydroponics or soil
  • Contains nitrogen to boost the vegetative growth of plants
  • NPK ratio: 0.1-0-0

This organic supplement features a large amount of humic acid which improves nutrient uptake in plants. It is derived from leonardite, which is a mineral source made from ancient decomposed organic matter. This long-term decomposition creates a large quantity of humic acid, which is a powerful chelating agent. Plants are able to take in more micro and macro nutrients and as a result have improved growth and yield producing abilities.


A unique organic extraction method is used to target low molecular weight humic acids, producing this highly soluble and hydroponic friendly mixture. It also contains nitrogen to promote healthy vegetative growth and provide an easily utilized nutrient source for plants. This formula can be used throughout the growing cycle and is great for hydroponic or soil based growing.


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