Roots Organics Buddha Grow Liquid Fertilizer 2-0.25-1.5 (1 Gal.)

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This liquid nutrient is designed to promote healthy vegetative and structural plant growth. It is high in nitrogen and is made from completely organic ingredients. One-part nutrient can be used at any point of growth. NPK ratio of 2-0.25-1.5.

Roots Organics Buddha Grow Liquid Fertilizer 2-0.25-1.5 (1 Gal.)


  • One-part organic vegetative growth nutrient
  • NPK ratio: 2-0.25-1.5
  • Formulated for potting soil and other growing mediums
  • Proprietary blend of the finest organic ingredients
  • Designed to promote vegetative and structural growth in plants during the growing stage of their lives 
  • An exceptional liquid blend targeted to encourage excellence from your plants

This organic blend is designed to promote green leafy vegetative growth as well as structural growth. It features completely organic ingredients and is for potting soil and potting soilless gardens. This liquid nutrient promotes faster, healthier growth during the vegetative period of a plant's life. It features organic incredients selected from around the world and blended to exacting specifications.

This proprietary blend is high in nitrogen and potassium while still containing a boost of phosphorus. This NPK ratio gears the plant toward vegetative and structural growth and can be used throughout the growing cycle to provide a growing boost.

Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs

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