Roots Organics Sea Bird Guano Granular 0-12-0 (40 lbs)

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This dry fertilizer is made from seabird guano and provides a huge boost in phosphorus. It is completely natural and organic and is a great source of calcium. Ideal for the blooming stages of growth. NPK ratio of 0-12-0.

Roots Organics Sea Bird Guano Granular 0-12-0 (40 lbs)


  • Excellent source of phosphate and calcium
  • Carefully sifted and processed for ease of use and uniformity
  • NPK ratio: 0-12-0
  • Encourages vigorous bloom growth and is fast acting for quick results
  • Granular fertilizer provides a slower release of nutrients
  • Carefully sourced guano is harvested with habitat friendly methods
  • Mixture is high in phosphorus to promote excellent flowering and fruiting
  • Changes the direction of growth away from vegetative to blooming
  • Natural and organic

This fertilizer is designed to provide high amounts of phosphorus in a natural and organic way. It features seabird guano that is carefully sourced and harvested with habitat friendly methods. It is designed to provide a natural source of phosphorus to shift the plant’s growth toward blooming, flowering and fruiting.

This fertilizer is great for use during the later stages of a plant’s life where the flowers and fruit are setting in. It is a great source of phosphate and calcium and allows the user to experience excellent performance with sustainable principles.

Unit Ship Weight: 40 lbs

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