Seaweed & Fish Plant and Garden Food 3-2-2 (1 Gal)

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This water soluble, concentrated plant food mixture is designed to easily spray on plants of any kind. Made with seaweed and ocean fish harvested from the ocean waters of Maine.

Seaweed & Fish Plant and Garden Food 3-2-2 (1 Gal)


Made with eco-friendly natural nutrients and approved for organic farming.




  • Water soluble mixture 
  • Concentrated solution creates 128 gallons (1 oz per gallon of irrigation water)
  • Ideal for garden spraying, trees, field crops, individual plants and practically any other growing application 
  • Improves the health, vitality, and yield of house and garden plants 
  • Supplies vital micronutrients from seaweed and macronutrients from ocean fish 
  • Selectively harvested from the pristine ocean waters of Maine 
  • Ideal for both small scale feeding and large scale spraying 
  • Well rounded NPK Ratio: 3-2-2


This seaweed and fish plant and garden food is designed to provide essential micro and macro nutrients for plants of all kinds. It is derived from seaweed and ocean fish from the pristine ocean waters of Maine and is approved for organic farming. These eco-friendly natural nutrients make ideal plant food and contain no harsh or harmful chemicals.


This solution is completely water soluble making it ideal for use in sprayers and other irrigation systems. The concentrated formula requires only 1 oz of Seaweed & Fish Plant and Garden Food per gallon of irrigation water. This natural mixture can be used on a daily basis for demanding plants or once a month for lawns, shrubs, or non-flowering ornamentals. 


Outdoor and Garden Applications: 


Mix 1 oz. per gallon of water to cover 200 square feet. Spray or water on outdoor pants in the morning and be sure to wet all plant surfaces. The most important application times are when plants are transplanted, first leafing out, first budding, and when the fruit is first appearing. For lawns, shrubs, and non-flowering ornamentals apply once a month. 


Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs

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