SG Lite Convertible Ballast 1000W Dual Receptacle

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This ballast can run both metal halide and high pressure sodium grow bulbs and is rated up to 1000W. This means the most intense light possible at both 120 and 240V.

SG Lite Convertible Ballast 1000W Dual Receptacle


  • Compact design
  • Dual receptacle accepts multiple lamp cord types, eliminating the need for rewiring
  • 120V and 240V capable
  • Convertible between high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs
  • Low cost
  • CSA certified
  • Power cord included
  • Lock and Seal lamp cord prevents moisture from fouling plugs
  • Lightweight design features built-in handles
  • Vented casing keeps the ballast running cool

The SG ballast is designed to making growing easy and to extend the life of growing bulbs up to 1000W. This ballast can be operated at both 120 and 240V to adapt to whatever power source the user has access to. This particular ballast can even run both metal halide and high pressure sodium grow bulbs and converts with a simple flip of a switch.

The Lock and Seal plug system automatically seals around the lamp plug when it is attached to the ballast. This eliminates the risk of moisture entering the plug and causing corrosion or shorting. The casing of this ballast is vented and moisture resistant to keep the whole system running cool and increasing the lifespan of the ballast. It also has a built-in handle for easy handling of a potentially hot ballast.

What is a ballast?

A ballast helps growing bulbs, or high intensity discharge bulbs, such as high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs, to operate efficiently, smoothly and safely. The ballast helps to provide the proper starting and operating conditions for HID bulbs. This dramatically increases the effectiveness, efficiency and lifespan of these growing bulbs. Another benefit of ballasts is the increased power supply frequency, providing a smoother, more constant light source which is better for growing.



31.9 lbs

Package Dimensions:

16.9L x 5.9W x 7.1H

Rated Wattage:






Rated Amperage:





2 Year

Wire Gauge (AWG):


Unit Ship Weight: 33 lbs

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