Shrub Clump Grubber 6 ft

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The shrub clump grubber is made from 3 gripping chains which tighten as you pull. Remove clumps of shrubs, vines and saplings with this rugged system.

Shrub Clump Grubber 6 ft


  • 6 ft of no-slip chain links grab and pull
  • 3 chain system removes clumps of saplings, shrubs and vines- roots and all
  • Made for use with an ATV, UTV, tractor or truck
  • As you pull the chains tighten around the clump, pulling the entire thing out
  • High visibility color won’t get lost on the job

The shrub clump grubber features 3 no-slip gripping chains which tighten and pull out unwanted clumps of plants. It is simple to use and can be used for years to remove tons of unwanted brush, vines or saplings.

Simply attach a tow chain to the grubber and attach the chain to an ATV, UTV, tractor or truck and start pulling. These three chains tighten as you pull, gripping and ripping the entire clump from the soil. The chains are coated in a highly visible color to eliminate misplacing the grubber.

Unit Ship Weight: 17 lbs

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