Snowcaster Snowblade 3 ft Wide with Blue Blade

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The Snowcaster features a pivoting, curved blade that allows the user to quickly clear larger areas of snow and slush without bending and lifting. Comes with a 3ft wide blade.

Snowcaster Snowblade 3 ft Wide with Blue Blade


  • Delivers a wide 3’ swath which drastically cuts down on shoveling time
  • Great for keeping larger areas clear of snow
  • Allows the user to push snow as opposed to lifting and throwing it
  • Keeps the users body in an upright, walking position without excessive bending
  • Allows the user to manage the snow accumulation more efficiently
  • Ideal for sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, wide steps and even roofs
  • Blade pivots to make easy turns
  • Cleans driveways and sidewalks in half of the time of shoveling
  • No need to start an engine of a snow blower or plowing device

The Snowcaster Snowblade is designed to “plow” snow with a walking and pushing motion. This unique design allows the user to comfortably stand and push snow without bending, lifting and throwing snow. It features a 3 ft wide blade that makes snow accumulation management fast and easy. The blade is curled to direct scooped snow forward as it is pushed, which allows for easy clearing of large areas such as parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and even roofs.

The blade of the Snowcaster pivots to continually roll snow to the side. This feature allows the user to clear long walkways in a continuous stride as the snow is moved to the side without building up in front. It is designed to be lightweight and user friendly while being a less expensive option than snow blowers and small plowing vehicles.


  • Blade width is 36"
  • Handle is 45" long
  • Wheels are 6" igh

Unit Ship Weight: 12.4 lbs

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